About Us

Australia's largest street art social venture.

Established in 2008, SAMA has painted over 360 professional street art murals for a wide range of public and private clients. Notably SAMA has completed commissioned works for Lead Lease, The Big Day Out Music Festival, Amnesty International, Scenic World, NSW Rail Corp, and Pfizer.

SAMA’ employs an awarding winning and innovative asset based community development approach to graffiti.

Founder Jarrod Wheatley is a published author and highly regarded authority in the area of Graffiti Management Strategies.

SAMA, aims to support young artists by fostering social inclusion and advocating for street art's legitimacy on a national stage.

Social Impact

Graffiti is an intractable problem that can have negative impacts on the lives of thousands of young people Australia-wide. Lawlink crime statistics suggest a steady increase in incidents of malicious damage over the last decade. Recent changes to the Graffiti Control Act have increased reliance on punitive measures rather than addressing measures focused on crime prevention. SAMA is in a unique position to implement youth-friendly graffiti prevention strategies, as it understands both the graffiti sub-culture and how to meet the communities’ expectations. With a clear track record of success and established reputation SAMA has a strong social impact. SAMA’s primary beneficiaries are artists belonging to the alienated graffiti subculture. By taking an asset-based approach to “the graffiti problem” it is easy to identify the artistic strengths this subculture possesses. Using street art to engage young people who want to be involved in constructive forms of aerosol art, will benefit young and old alike.